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Advanced composites are at the forefront of modern manufacturing. DH Sutherland has the materials, processes, and expertise you need to make them right.

Advanced materials and the expertise to use them

When manufacturing high-performance composites, the materials you choose and how you get them can make all the difference to the end product. As your supply partner, DH Sutherland helps you optimize your products and processes by obtaining the best materials to meet your needs. We’re with you every step of the way, from design to production and beyond.

Aerospace and Defense

With DH Sutherland’s long history supplying materials for aerospace manufacturing, we’re the perfect partner to help you efficiently produce high-performing parts for airplane structures and interiors.

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Sports and Recreation

In the increasingly competitive field of high-performance recreation equipment, DH Sutherland gives you the edge with exclusive materials and advanced processes to help you engineer the best products on the market.

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Latest News

DH Sutherland to Represent Fibertech Group in North America

DH Sutherland has announced it will represent Fibertech Group’s portfolio of epoxy-based carbon fiber prepreg materials in North America.

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DH Sutherland Now Offering Fluidic Systems Meter Mix Equipment

DH Sutherland has announced a partnership with equipment manufacturer Fluidic Systems to promote their precision metering mix and dispensing and spray systems in the United States.

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DH Sutherland Announces Strategic Partnership with Kaneka Aerospace

Kaneka Aerospace LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc., is pleased to announce its partnership with DH Sutherland.

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DH Sutherland Announces Strategic Partnership with Avio Commerciale

DH Sutherland has announced a strategic partnership with Avio Commerciale around material & process best practices for advanced composite manufacturers.

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DH Sutherland and Toray Partnership Agreement

DHSutherland has entered into an exciting partnership with Toray Composite Materials America to support Boeing aftermarket aircraft.

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National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

This Sunday marks the 152nd birthday of Charles Edward Taylor, American inventor and mechanic.

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