Advanced materials to power aerospace and defense innovation

The aerospace industry is constantly innovating to build aircraft that are safer, operate more efficiently, and are cheaper to manufacture and maintain. These innovations, particularly in the defense sector, can mean the difference between life and death.

A reliable supply partner in unpredictable times

DH Sutherland keeps you ahead of your competition by connecting you with the best products on the market, always vetted for quality and availability.

We go beyond the traditional supplier role to help you develop innovative solutions that satisfy buyers, engineers and everyone else with a stake in your project’s success. Everything we do is focused on helping our customers stay ahead of the design and production curve to meet their goals smoothly and efficiently.

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We get advanced composites

Advanced composites are integral to modern aircraft manufacturing. Whether you’re building entire planes or specializing in one part, you need a supply partner who is deeply familiar with advanced composites and how they’re made.


Experience you can depend on

DH Sutherland has been supplying time- and temperature-sensitive materials for aircraft manufacturing since Boeing’s first international offset programs in the 1970s. We are highly selective when deciding which brands to recommend, and every product in our lineup meets our own high standards for quality and reliability.


Faster FAA qualification

Our long experience in the aerospace industry means we are intimately familiar with the FAA qualification process for new aircraft designs. Our adept support through the testing process could save you years in getting your aircraft qualified and on the market.


Specialized supply

Our aerospace customers work with some of the industry’s most challenging specs—from military-grade helicopters and drones to specialized parts for the world's most prominent commercial aircraft manufacturers to space vehicles. They rely on us to make sure they can get what they need, when they need it.

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What can Kaneka do for your aircraft?

Kaneka produces custom epoxy and resin systems formulated for your project’s specific needs. With proven success meeting the demands of the aerospace industry, Kaneka is engineered for manufacturing products that need to perform in high temperatures and with high toughness.

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