Serving you is our privilege

At DH Sutherland, everything we do is focused on helping our customers stay ahead of the design and production curve to meet their goals smoothly and efficiently. Because every product supplier is different, we think it’s important for you to know exactly what to expect from us:

Exceptional technical expertise. Our team combines extensive technical knowledge of advanced composites and specialty materials with practical experience to help you choose materials that best address both your specific and big-picture project challenges.

Focus on cost management. We know that going over-budget or missing a deadline means real dollars lost. Our people and processes work to maximize value and create efficiencies that return real, measurable results.

Solutions, not just products. We view our supplier relationships, sales and operational planning, warehouse management, and logistics partnerships as components of a unique and customizable end-to-end customer solution. With every engagement, we aim to satisfy all your stakeholders, from buyers and engineers to project owners and management.

Our complete attention. Every Sutherland customer, no matter the account size or tenure, deserves our full focus and commitment.  If you don’t experience continuous communication, prompt response and proactive service, we want to know about it.

A team committed to your success. We don’t measure success by product sales volume. As a family-owned company for nearly 70 years, we’re in this together — and that includes you.

Ready to put the DH Sutherland team to work? Tell us about your next project.