Leverage our expertise
for your project

In aerospace and high-performance industries, access to a comprehensive product catalog or well-stocked warehouse only addresses part of your need. That’s why DH Sutherland goes beyond the traditional supplier role to help customers develop innovative, end-to-end supply chain solutions.


First, we frame the complete project picture.

Sutherland acts as an objective third party — connected to your team and to the finest composites and specialty product manufacturers in the world — to help define and deliver on your goal. When we engage with you, we dig in deep to understand the specific needs of your buyers, engineers, and everyone else with a stake in your success. To get there, we’ll ask the right questions, starting with:

  • What do you want to do? What will success look like?
  • What certifications are applicable to you?
  • What’s your anticipated schedule and ramp rate?
  • What materials are you working with?
  • What should we know about your manufacturing process?


Then, with a 360° view of your project in mind, we get to work.

Combining technical knowledge with practical expertise, your Sutherland team helps you identify the right materials to meet the right criteria, including performance, cost, and future availability. We regularly coach and advise customers through the R&D process in order to prepare them for production, and our deep understanding of material selection can significantly impact the process timeline.

To help turn plans into a feasible manufacturing process, we work to make sure that all sides of the engineering table are represented. Our goal is to balance design engineering and production engineering to create an efficient manufacturing process that satisfies all your objectives. We can often supply materials in smaller quantities — and with shorter lead times — than manufacturers. Once production begins, our team stays in close contact to ensure that you’re carrying and using the optimal amount of product, without supply interruptions.

One more thing: we gladly sweat the small stuff, so if you need quick advice or a resource to move your project forward — even as simple as a data sheet — consider it a priority for us.

Want to know more about how our process innovation services can help? Contact a Sutherland customer service rep today.