The new standard for
efficient mold release in
composite manufacturing

Dyna-Tek has set a new bar for what you should expect from your mold sealers and release coatings for composite molding systems. Dyna-Tek’s outstanding hydrophobic properties categorically outperform legacy mold release coating technologies. This translates into production and operational savings by requiring less labor, significantly less downtime, fewer rejects and more manufacturing throughput.

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Significant returns in production efficiency

Is your legacy mold sealer and release coating system not giving you the number of production pulls per coating application you need?

  • With Dyna-Tek, you can expect two to three times more pulls per coating.

Ever wish you could reduce your production downtime by reapplying another coat of the mold release to rejuvenate the high-slip releases of your mold without pulling it out of service?

  • You can do it with Dyna-Tek, and have your mold back in production 60 minutes later.

Tired of seeing your significant capital investments in tooling and molds rendered functionally unusable long before projected, because of the excessive wear and tear of handling, stripping, and re-coating?

  • Save on your capital spending by keeping your equipment in working condition longer.
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What can Dyna-Tek do for you?

Since 2012, Dyna-Tek’s sealers and release coatings have repeatedly proven themselves and received certifications for applications on the newest structural and toughened epoxy resin systems in the marketplace. Their excellent adhesion properties allow them to be applied on countless substrates including polyester, vinyl-esters, phenolics, and BMI.

Semi-Permanent Mold Sealer Coatings

Dyna-Tek’s patented DT-400 coating series, and specifically its DT-420 sealer, is formulated to covalently adhere to most substrates. Once it completes its 60-minute ambient cure process, the surface and the porosity below it will be sealed with a durable, yet flexible three-dimensional molecular coating matrix.

In part, this is the result of the chemical reaction DT-420 creates when exposed to oxygen and moisture molecules. As a result, the coating is drawn into the porosity wherever there are oxygen molecules in the substrate.

All of this means you can expect:

  • Excellent adhesion to most tooling substrates, including metals, INVAR, composite substrates, as well as most organic and inorganic coatings and platings.
  • Excellent coverage ratio. DT-420’s coverage ratio per gallon is typically two to four times that of other sealers.
  • Minimal mechanical surface preparation. Whereas most sealers and coatings in general require a mechanical abrasion (sanding or blasting of some nature), Dyna-Tek’s sealers require just a clean surface.

DT-420 by itself has very good hydrophobic properties as well. Meaning, even as the DT-6060 Series release coating begins to diminish with wear and tear, DT-420 affords continued hydrophobic and release properties in addition to its role as a “sealer”.

Semi-Permanent Mold Release Coatings

DT-6060 semi-permanent mold release coating and its lower VOC version, DT-6060e, have no competition in this product category.

Game-changing features:

  • Rejuvenate the high-slip finish to continue easily releasing parts from their molds by simply applying another coat – without any mechanical surface prep work
  • DT-6060 can be used as a standalone product on very smooth, low-porosity surfaces and other coating finishes*

*Surface profiles greater than DT-6060’s 1-2 micron (DFT) thickness will typically reduce performance – use it along with mold sealer DT-420 for optimal results

DH Sutherland is the exclusive global supplier of Dyna-Tek’s aerospace coating products

Dyna-Tek is setting a new standard for efficiency in composite mold manufacturing, and we are proud to include it in our solutions portfolio. Get in touch with us today to find out how Dyna-Tek can give you an edge over your competition.