Custom resin systems
for high-intensity applications

Kaneka produces custom epoxy, benzoxazines, and BMI resin systems that can be formulated for your project’s specific needs. With proven success meeting the demands of the aerospace industry, Kaneka develops and manufactures products that perform in high temperatures and maintain high mechanical integrity.

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What can Kaneka do for you?

Kaneka offers top-of-the-line epoxy, benzoxazines, and BMI resin systems that operate at a higher service temperature than most available commercial solutions. It is an ideal choice for composite manufacturing products that need to perform in extreme environments, like military aircraft or space vehicles and satellites.

Prepregs and Adhesive Films

Kaneka Benzoxazine Prepregs BZ9704 and BZ9703, and Adhesive Film BZ9691

  • Can be used for primary structure and are especially effective in hot areas
  • Enzoxazine formulas are suitable for higher service temperatures
  • Ablative material based on BZ chemistry is ideal for thermal protection in space and defense applications


Kaneka Infusion resins IR6030, IR6060, IR6070, and IR6080

  • Can be used for primary or secondary structure
  • Suitable for all types of infusion processes, like RTM and VARTM
  • Tg ranges from 275ºF for the cost-effective IR6030 to 475ºF for the benzoxazine-based IR6080


Kaneka Tooling Prepregs and Tooling Resins TP2200, TR6220, TR6230, and TR6240 support production of high-temperature tooling with high efficiency

  • Kaneka TP2200 is a high temperature benzoxazine system for high cycle tools
  • Kaneka TR6220 and Kaneka TR6230 are epoxy infusion systems for high temperature service tools and aerospace parts
  • Kaneka TR6240 is an epoxy tabbing resin for wet lamination for similar and dissimilar tools (epoxy/BMI/metal)

Kaneka Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

DH Sutherland is proud to include Kaneka in our solutions portfolio for customers whose products have to operate at the peak of performance in extreme environments. Get in touch with us today to find out how Kaneka can strengthen your composite products.