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mold release technology

KleanVak® uses next-generation technology to apply chemical solvents for safer, more efficient surface prep and mold release. With one machine, you can not only protect workers from harmful VOCs, but also reduce application time and use less solvent per application.

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Revolutionary Technology

KleanVak applies a controlled layer of solvent to the surface of the tool or part to be cleaned, while simultaneously vacuuming and containing any VOCs that would flash into the surrounding environment.

This dual-process action increases mold utilization by:

  • Reducing or eliminating the need for personal protective equipment
  • Decreasing drying time between coats by 80%
  • Providing significant labor and material savings

Better yet, KleanVak is a mobile, flexible solution that needs little to no infrastructure investment.

The Kleanvak machine.

KleanVak saves us significant surface prep time, and we all feel better knowing that we’re eliminating VOC exposure.

John Q., Aerospace Industry

Powerful Applications

What can KleanVak do for you? This patented system was engineered to perform these essential functions:

Cleaning & Surface Preparation

KleanVak applies a cleaning agent through the brush and suctions any excess liquid, dirt, debris and VOCs that flash off the surface.

  • Spinning brushes and accessories for fast, efficient work
  • Can directly inject solvents for cleaning
  • Effectively vacuums liquid, dirt, dust and vapors
  • Cleans wide parts and small, hard-to-reach areas
KleanVak brush.
KleanVak tank.

Mold Release

KleanVak applies mold release solvents while efficiently vacuuming any excess liquid and VOC’s, protecting workers and the environment.

  • Complete control of the amount of release agent dispensed
  • Eliminates exposure to VOCs during application
  • Reduces drying times for greater productivity
  • Smooth, even mold release application with no bumps or bubbles
  • Ergonomic attachments for hard-to-reach areas

Sanding & Grinding

KleanVak sands/grinds and vacuums in the same pass over the surface.

  • Rotating heads and customizable handles make work effortless
  • Safely suctions 98% of paint chips, metal dust and other harmful debris
  • Can inject liquid during sanding/stripping
  • Reaches difficult zones with small diameters
KleanVak polisher.

Sutherland is the exclusive KleanVak distributor for the Americas and Japan.

You can depend on us for complete system setup and training, maintenance, parts and accessories, and technical support. And we can offer first-hand advice about which solvents, agents, and other products work best with KleanVak.

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The Kleanvak machine.

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