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Henkel (Bonderite)

M – CR 1132 Aero Pen

BONDERITE® M-CR 1132 AERO (known as ALODINE 1132 TOUCH-N-PREP) is a chromate coating pen designed for applying the Class 1A chromate conversion coating for MIL-DTL-5541.Light metals. It saves labor, material and time when applying dry-in-place military specification approved chromate conversion coatings for touch-up applications. Proper use also reduces worker contact to chromating solutions and waste. Please note: BONDERITE M products are used in the surface modification of metals and usually applied in a multi-stage process. The performance of these surface treatments depends on various factors such as the preceding cleaning or etching steps (BONDERITE C portfolio), line design or process parameters.


Conversion Coating
Product Size: .035 KG
Sutherland Stock #: 6-00035
Mfg. Stock #: 1445846

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