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KleanVak is the all-in-one solution for safe, efficient solvent cleaning, mold release, and sanding and grinding applications.

The materials you choose — including how and when they get to you — can make all the difference to both your process and end product. When DH Sutherland is your supply chain partner, you benefit from decades of experience delivering time and temperature-sensitive chemicals and specialty materials to the aerospace and high-performance industries. We work to find the right fit for your unique needs, with products available to spec for aerospace, government, military, and commercial applications. And we stay up-to-date with all U.S. and international requirements.

Next-Generation Materials for High-Performance Industries

The Sutherland team has extensive knowledge of interior and structural applications for adhesives, coatings, and sealants. Customers depend on our composite manufacturing technical expertise, and we’re eager to provide custom solutions for your processes.

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DH Sutherland’s value-added product service and support ensure that we’re doing much more than simply filling orders. In fact, we’re helping you optimize your development process from beginning through actual production.